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Yah’s unique blend of herbs brings any recipe to life and our customers tell us it is a must-have for their dinner tables, spice racks and party dips.


Our Herbal Delight house seasoning complements any food including meats, poultry, seafoods, vegetables - any food you would want to season up.





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If you’ve visited Yah’s Best at the Raleigh or Charlotte Farmer’s Markets, we hope you've sampled our Herbal Delight blend, offered as a bread dip with extra virgin olive oil, as a dip with mayonnaise and sour cream. or as a spread with cream cheese.


Our Herbal Delight blend is shelf stable and offered in 1.5-ounce packets, 3-ounce shakers, and 7-ounce jars. Larger bulk packaging is available for special orders.

Herbal Delight Seasoning is a special blend of dry herbs and by using Kosher Salt we accomplished a lower sodium seasoning. We also offer Herbal Delight in a No Salt version. Both versions are MSG free.

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