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Shipping Options

We offer the following shipping options via US Postal Service - please read carefully as these affect the shipping costs


(Priority Shipping 2-3 days)

Use this shipping option if your order only includes our shelf stable products (do not require refrigeration)

Orders under 14 oz. will be shipped via First Class Mail - over 14 oz. will be shipped Priority Mail


NO fresh products can be sent using the Shelf-Stable option due to refrigeration requirements.


(Priority Shipping 2-3 days)

All of our fresh products require refrigeration and must be shipped using the Fresh Products shipping option - a cooler and ice packs are included in the shipping costs.

This option must be selected if fresh products are part of your order!

Our coolers hold up to 2 quarts OR 4 pints OR 1 quart and 2 pints. If your order exceeds these totals, an additional cooler is factored into the shipping cost.


If you need next day delivery on any of our products, please contact us directly to confirm the shipment at (704) 947-0011

If you need bulk orders, would like to place an order to be picked up directly, or need a custom order of any type, please call Yah or Paige to coordinate your request. 

Thank you for supporting YBP!!

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FRESH products must be refrigerated!

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