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We have several unique dips and dressings that are complimentary to all of your favorite foods and recipes.


Yah is always creating more products and we plan on offering additional blends in the near future. As always we welcome customer suggestions for what you feel may be the next of Yah’s Best products.



Dips & Dressings


Click on a product below to see the available sizes, ingredients, and pricing

FRESH products must be refrigerated!

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Spicy Specialties




Our Herbal Delight Dip is a sour cream and mayo base mixed with our Herbal Delight Seasoning. The Chipotle Mayo Dip is a spicy dip made with smoked jalapeno peppers great as a chip dip or on your favorite Mexican foods. Yah’s Wasabi Dip is a unique twist on spicy Japanese horseradish that has been cooled down while preserving the traditional flavor – great with sushi or roast beef.

A recent addition to our family of products is our Jalapeno Ranch Dressing. It’s a traditional dressing but with our YBP twist making it one of our most requested products.


We also offer different flavors of Hummus including Black Bean w/Sun Dried Tomato, and Jalapeno Cilantro.


Our dressing and dips are fresh products and must be kept refrigerated. These are offered in 16-ounce sizes.






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