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Our Story


A Family Affair

Yah's Best is Suzanne McCord Crawford (aka "Yah") and her daughter Paige Crawford Key (aka "The Salsa Lady") and is a true family business.  The first batch of salsa was made for a family gathering some 25 years ago - an event that's captured in one of the photos above (see Yah's Corner for more of the story). Yah's oldest grandaughters Molly & Claire Crawford help produce and package the products as well. Paige's husband, Glenn is responsible for the website and all of the graphic design and from time to time Yah's youngest grandchildren, Jason & Emma help sell at the Raleigh Farmer's Market.


Fresh from the Heart

It's been a long time coming, but ALL of our products are now available to purchase online - both shelf stable and fresh products. Note that the fresh products require additional shipping charges due to the cooler and ice packs that are required to keep the items refrigerated during shipment. 


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