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Our Latest Products


Traditional & Specialty Salsas all made from fresh ingredients, never cooked or processed. All 11 of our  different salsa varieties are based on Yah’s original recipe.

Due to customer requests, Yah has created two hotter versions of our traditional salsa – Smoldering and Searing. We offer several seasonal Specialty Salsas, call or email to check the availability of these customer favorites.

Seasoning & Dips have fast become customer favorites. We offer a variety of delicious dressings and dips. Herbal Delight, our dried herb house seasoning rivals our fresh salsas as our customer’s favorite.

We have recently added a Bleu Cheese Dressing that has fast become one of our most requested products by our loyal customers.

Specialty Products include Yah’s favorite homemade recipes. We offer a Vegetable Soup, Sweet Crisp Pickles, Chow Chow, Pickled Okra, Apple and Pumpkin Butter and others.

Customer favorites include Marinated Slaw, Sweet Potato Butter, and our jams using NC produce including Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Mixed Berry, and Peach. New additions include Hummus, Vanilla Extract, and Cranberry Reserve.

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